Communications, Civics, Industry:Refereed Presenters

The following papers, listed in alphabetical order by (first) author, were accepted as refereed papers at ANZCA2007, and were presented at the Conference and accordingly published in the Conference Proceedings:  

Heather Anderson
Postgraduate, School of Arts, Griffith University
icon Civil Dead Radio: Prisoners in the Public Sphere (71.57 kB)

Dr Slavka Antonova
Senior Lecturer, Department. of Management & International Business, Massey University, Auckland
icon Global Internet Governance: Negotiating Power in ICANN (79.64 kB)

Sarah Baker
School of Communication Studies Auckland University of Technology
icon  The death of a genre? Television current affairs programmes on New Zealand Public Television (97.48 kB) 

Dr Susan Barber
Associate Professor, School of Film and Television, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA
icon  Runaway, Negligent and Abusive Mothers: Alternate Mother-Daughter Relationships in Australian Film (102.56 kB)

Dean Chan
School of Communications and Contemporary Arts, Edith Cowan University
icon Dead-in-Iraq and the Spatial Politics of Digital Game Art Activism (66.53 kB)

Dr Toija Cinque
Communications and Media Studies Postgraduate Program, National Centre for Australian Studies (NCAS), School of Humanities, Communications and Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Monash University
icon The ABC and SBS Online: From Portal to Vortal (214.62 kB)

Mary Debrett
Media Studies Program, La Trobe University
icon  Reinventing Public Service Television: From Broadcasters to Media Content Companies (82.44 kB)

Michael Dieter
Postgraduate, School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne
icon Notes on Hardware Archaeology & 8-Bit Videogame Modification (68.04 kB)

Shiv Ganesh
Senior Lecturer. Waikato Management School, University of Waikato
icon Running Head: Changing Patterns of ICT Use (91.66 kB)

Stuart Glover
School of English, University of Queensland
icon  Literature as Multifunctional Institution: The Implications of Media Treatment of Literature and Pu (101.83 kB)

Dr F. Elizabeth Gray
Department of Communication and Journalism, Massey University
Dr. Lisa Emerson
School of English and Media Studies. Massey University
Dr. Bruce MacKay
Institute of Natural Resources, Massey University
icon 'Talking the Talk': Industry and Student Perspectives on Oral Communication in Science Education (96.33 kB

Prof. Lelia Green
Associate Dean, Research and Higher Degrees, Faculty of Education and Arts, Edith Cowan University
Dr Nahid Kabir
Research Fellow in the School of Communications and Contemporary Arts at the Edith Cowan University
icon What the British Papers Said on the First Anniversary of the London Bombing (95.43 kB)

Associate Professor R. Harindranath
School of Culture and Communication, The University of Melbourne
icon  Refugee Experience, Subalternity, and the Politics of Representation (76.42 kB)

Dr David Holmes
Communications and Media Studies, Monash University
icon  Clutching at Straw Media: Talking up the Internet to Open Up Media Monopolies (73.26 kB)

Kim A. Johnston
School of Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
icon Community Engagement: A Relational Perspective (167.44 kB)

Zorana Kostic
Postgraduate, Department of Media and Communication, University of Sydney
icon Prospects and Dilemmas for Public Service Broadcasting: A Comparative Study of Japanese and Australi (108.88 kB)

Dr Jane Landman
School of Communication, Culture and Languages, Faculty of Arts, Education and Human Development, Victoria University
icon  National Creativity and Collaboration in Co-produced Television Drama (76 kB)

Clare Lloyd
Postgraduate, School of Design, Communication and Information Technology, University of Newcastle
icon Mobile Phones: Definition, Discourse and Rules of Practice (70.44 kB)

Steve Mackey
School of Communication & Creative Arts, Deakin University
icon Public Relations and the Rhetoric of Civil Society (98.95 kB)

Anthony Mason
Postgraduate, School of Creative  Communication, Division of Communication and Education, University of Canberra.
icon Interpreting Fiji: Australian Media Coverage of the 1987 and 2000 Coups (60.38 kB)

Kerry McCallum
Lecturer, Communication, University of Canberra
icon  Indigenous Violence as a 'Mediated Public Crisis' (651.27 kB)

Lucy Morieson
Postgraduate, School of Applied Communication, RMIT University
icon  From Paper to Screen: Mapping the Path of Online Newspapers in Australia (76.96 kB)

Dalmé Mulder
Lecturer, Integrated Marketing Communication, Department of Communication and Information Studies, Faculty of the Humanities, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./effectiveness (Driving Integrated Marketing Communication Home for Organisational Effectiveness)

Niki Murray
Department of Communication and Journalism, Massey University
icon Reflections on the place of adults with low functional literacy in the communicatively integrated co (221.48 kB)

Bahiyah Omar
School of English, Communications and Performance Studies, Monash University
icon The Switch to Online Newspapers: Could Immediacy Be a Factor? (90.79 kB)

Dr Usha M. Rodrigues
Lecturer in Journalism, HUMCASS, Monash University
icon Need for a Cohesive Television Policy in India (78.65 kB)

Philip Senior
Department of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney
icon  Press Coverage of Televised Leaders’ Debates in Australian Federal Elections (138.19 kB)

Nick Sharman
Department of Media and Communications University of Melbourne
icon  Ethical Communication and the Leadership of Martin Luther King, Jr. (76.43 kB)

Peter Simmons
FIFA Joao Havelange Research Scholar 2008, School of Communication, Charles Sturt University
icon  Fair Call: Player Perceptions of Justice in Football Referee Communication (101.82 kB)

Frank Sligo, Elspeth Tilley, Niki Culligan, Margie Comrie and Franco Vaccarino
Department of Communication and Journalism, Massey University
icon  Place, People and Voice: Creating and Communicating Expressive Content via Cartoons (85.21 kB)

Christina Spurgeon
Media and Communication in the Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology
icon Advertising and the New Media of Mass Conversation (111.68 kB)

David S. Waller
Senior Lecturer, School of Marketing, University of Technology, Sydney
Roman Lanis
Senior Lecturer, School of Marketing, University of Technology, Sydney
icon  An Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure by Advertising Agencies (82.89 kB)

David Waller
University of Technology, Sydney
Paul Wang
University of Technology, Sydney
Mark Morrison
Charles Sturt University
Harmen Oppewal
Monash University
icon Media Choice for Information Search to Purchase a New Technology (75.41 kB)

Dr Niranjala (Nina) Weerakkody
School of Communication and Creative Arts, Deakin University
icon  Framing the Discourses of Harm and Loss: A Case Study of Power Relations, Mobile Phones, and Childr (129.08 kB)

Rowan Wilken
The Australian Centre, The University of Melbourne
John Sinclair
ARC Professorial Fellow, The Australian Centre, The University of Melbourne
icon Global Vision, Regional Focus, 'Glocal' Reality: Global Marketers, Marketing Communications, and Str (95.24 kB)