ANZCA Conference Proceedings 2017

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ISSN: 1448-4331
Editor: Dr Fiona Martin
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Publication authors and titles
Allmark, Panizza, Talhy Stotzer and Kylie Stevenson: Having a voice and being heard: Children’s communication through photovoice
Annabell, Taylor and Angelique Nairn: Flagging diversity: The discursive construction of cultural diversity by the Flag Consideration Panel
Fray, Peter, Philip Pond, and J. Fiona Peterson: Digital work practices: matching learning outcomes to future employment
Green, Lelia and Donell Holloway: Discursive constructions of the internet of toys
Holland, Travis and Henry Denyer-Simmons: Embodied dwelling: the ontology of objects in Pokémon GO
Jaunzems, Kelly, Lelia Green, David Leith and Christine Teague: Ethnographic insights into safety communication for frontline workers
McIntyre, Phillip, Mark Balnaves, Susan Kerrigan, Evelyn King and Claire Williams: Creative Industries Entrepreneurship: Introducing Novelty and Value within Emergent Systems in the Hunter Valley, NSW
Thill, Cate and Tanja Dreher: Disability, listening and media justice

ANZCA Conference Proceedings 2016
Index of principal authors

ISSN: 1448-4331

Editors: Assoc Professor Phillip McIntyre, Dr Janet Fulton

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Authors and titles of papers

Al-Saggaf, Yeslam and Arnela Ceric.   pdf Boredom on Periscope and the number of Twitter followers: an exploratory study (205 KB) .

Balnaves, Mark, Susan Kerrigan, Evelyn King, Phillip McIntyre and Claire Williams. pdf Creative industries entrepreneurship: the Hunter. (597 KB)

Davis, Mark. pdf Cyber-racism, racial neoliberalism and the case of a leading far right website. (164 KB)

Egliston, Ben.  pdf Mobilising big data and user analytics in multiplayer game research: a survey of applications in Dota 2. (200 KB)

Harindranath, Ramaswami.  pdf Multiculturalism, interculturalism and communication: negotiating diversity and complexity. (123 KB)

Kerrigan, Susan, Claire Williams, Mark Balnaves, Samuel Hutchinson, Evelyn King, and Phillip McIntyre.  pdf “How creative, how industrial?”: Attitudes to the term “creative industries” in the Hunter Region. (165 KB)

Nolan, Sybil and Matthew Ricketson.  pdf Journalism’s long cosmopolitan turn. (172 KB)

Rahayu, Titik. pdf Convergence, press and policy in Indonesia: Citizen journalism sites and the changing press labour practice. (2.34 MB)

Sligo, Frank, Elspeth Tilley, Niki Murray, and Margie Comrie.  pdf “Mate, it would take me all day to read that”: reimagining university human ethics practices for people with liminal literacy. (206 KB)

Weaving, Simon.  pdf No walk into paradise: the Australian film industry in the 1950s. (158 KB)


ANZCA Conference Proceedings 2014
Index of principal authors

ISSN: 1448-4331

Editor: Dr Diana Bossio

Refereeing Statement: All articles published in these proceedings have been double-blind peer reviewed by a minimum of two referees.

Copyright statement: This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Australian License. To view a copy of this license, visit Creative Commons or send them a letter: Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94115, USA.

Citing articles from this conference: Citation style depends upon the referencing system used. Here is an example in ANZCA (MIA) style: Last Name/s, Initial/s., 2013, “Title of article”, in D. Bossio (Ed), Refereed Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association conference: The digital and the social: communication for inclusion and exchange, ISSN 1448-4331, available at:

Publication author and title list

Azariah, Deepti. pdf “From Blogger to Book Author: Examining Self-Publishing, Self-Presentation and Discourse in Travel Blogs” (479 KB)

Bangaroo, Prabavathy and Weerakkody, Niranjala (Nina). pdf “The propaganda strategies adopted by the colonial British during the Malayan Emergency, 1948–1960 as applied in newspaper coverage: a case study” (495 KB)

Carson, Andrea. pdf “Possibilities and challenges of print investigative journalism in the digital age” (567 KB)

Davis, Mark. pdf “Questioning the network paradigm: the case of Amazon” (396 KB)

Dowd, Cate. pdf “Digital age psychogeography: drones, smartphones and rural wanderings” (676 KB)

Edmond, Maura. pdf “Participatory Culture in the Air: Between Grassroots Media Production and Expanded Audience Engagement” (148 KB)

Fordyce, Robbie. pdf “The Kulturtechniken of post-autonomist media theory” (283 KB)

Fox, Isabel and Finlayson, Amalie. pdf “Awareness of challenges and optimism for their future: mapping communication students’ attitudes towards employment prospects over their first year at university” (461 KB)

Fulton, Janet. pdf “Media entrepreneurship: alternative paths for media producers” (394 KB)

Fynes-Clinton, Jane. pdf “Not so social: Facebook, Twitter and the complicated part they play in a political relationship” (309 KB)

Gill, Robert. pdf “Using online media to more effectively engage with NESB students in a professional communication unit: an Australian case study” (499 KB)

Gleeson, Jessamy. pdf “Can online groups ever ‘change’ anything? A case study of the ‘Sack Vile Kyle’ campaign” (462 KB)

Green, Lelia and Holloway, Donell. pdf “0–8: very young children and the domestication of touchscreen technologies in Australia” (260 KB)

Green, Lelia; Holloway, Donell and Haddon, Leslie. pdf “How do parents and peers negotiate troubling peer-based digital interactions?” (440 KB)

Green, Lelia; Mahoney, Tos; Hope, Cat and MacKinney, Lisa. pdf “Publishing an archive: a meta-narrative of (be)longing” (232 KB)

Griff, Catherine. pdf “Breaching the fourth wall: social media exchange between screen creator and audience” (500 KB)

Heemsbergen, Luke. pdf “A collective case approach of theory building in media and politics: towards understanding transparency and governmentality through design and affordance” (231 KB)

Hollier, Scott and Brown, Justin. pdf “Web accessibility implications and responsibilities: an Australian election case study” (370 KB)

Holloway, Donell. pdf “Digital play: The challenge of researching young children’s Internet use” (365 KB)

Holloway, Donell; Green, Lelia and Holloway, David. pdf “Politics of fire in northern savanna lands: communication” (240 KB)

Hopkins, Kane. pdf “Role of senior communication practitioners in New Zealand Organizations” (665 KB)

Jack, Victoria and Scott, Paul. pdf “Juggling print and online editions: exploring the factors behind the development and allocation of editorial content for the Newcastle Herald’s print and online publications” (268 KB)

Kelly, Andrew and Finlayson, Amalie. pdf “The new Neighbourhood Watch: How the NSW Police Force uses Facebook for community engagement” (294 KB)

Leung, Linda. pdf “Looking across digital divides: possible interventions in inclusive and accessible service design” (420 KB)

Li, Leah Xiufang. pdf “Social networking sites: myth of Internet addiction in university students” (407 KB)

Liu, Xiaoting. pdf “Maintaining homeland network on various platforms: the Internet use of 1.5 generation Chinese migrants in New Zealand” (326 KB)

Ly-Le, Tuong-Minh. pdf “Danlait’s 2013 social media crisis in Vietnam: a case study to explore online crisis scanning criteria” (638 KB)

Macnamara, Jim. pdf “Being social: Missing prerequisites for online engagement, exchange and inclusion” (321 KB)

Macnamara, Jim and Dessaix, Anita. pdf “The ethics of ‘embedded’ media content – product placement and ‘advertorial’ on steroids?” (323 KB)

Maggs, Catherine. pdf “The idea of hacking – WikiLeaks and Counter-power” (358 KB)

Mason, Andrew. pdf “Digital social media is nothing new” (702 KB)

McCabe, Katherine. pdf “Policy, politics, and personalities: Tony Abbott's and Kevin Rudd's use of social media during the 2013 Australian federal election” (513 KB)

McIntyre, Phillip; Balnaves, Mark; Kerrigan, Susan; Williams, Claire and King, Evelyn. pdf “Creative industries in the Newcastle LGA: are they reliant on social media?” (353 KB)

Mills, Colleen and Arnaud, Nicolas. pdf “Understanding the collaborative action at the interfirm interface: The role of collaborative action narrative sequences” (506 KB)

Miroiu, Crisia. pdf “The selfies: social identities in the digital age” (283 KB)

Moore, Kyle. pdf “Software-sorted streets: Nintendo 3DS Streetpass and the reconfiguration of social interactions” (295 KB)

Mummery, Jane; Rodan, Debbie; Ironside, Katrina and Nolton, Marnie. pdf “Mediating legal reform: animal law, livestock welfare and public pressure” (373 KB)

Nolan, Sybil. pdf “The prequel to digital: charting the Age’s circulation history” (830 KB)

Order, Simon. pdf “Mobile music production: creativity in a dichotomous interface paradigm” (257 KB)

Rajkhowa, Arjun and Wang, Peiyi. pdf “Re-gendering the public sphere in India and China: online anti-sexual violence discourses and public protests” (740 KB)

Rodan, Debbie and Mummery, Jane. “Platforms and Activism: Sharing ‘My Make it Possible Story’ Narratives”

Rodrigues, Usha M. pdf “Indian public sphere in the social media era” (528 KB)

Sacco, Vittora and Zhao, Yanjun. pdf “Reporting conflicts with Storify: an exploratory study on audience response and reaction” (577 KB)

Simmons, Peter. pdf “Community engagement as ‘core business’ for communicators working in Australian local government” (307 KB)

Simons, Margaret and Buller, Bradley. pdf “Dead trees and live links – what good are newspapers?” (368 KB)

Sutherland, Thomas. pdf “Social media and the slow death throes of diachrony” (447 KB)

Uridge, Lynsey; Green, Lelia; Rodan, Debbie and Cullen, Trevor. pdf “A vulnerable community of heart patients re/constructs media stories about cardiovascular disease” (352 KB)

van der Vlies, Marina and Watson, Amanda H A. pdf “Can mobile phones help reduce teacher absenteeism in Papua New Guinea?” (316 KB)

Van Ryn, Luke. pdf “The political ecology of practices at work in MasterChef Australia(489 KB)

Vivienne, Sonja; Potter, Martin; and Thomas, Pradip. pdf “Free and open source software (FOSS) as a tool for digital citizenship: preliminary surveys in India and Australia” (590 KB)

Waller, David. pdf “Online media as an information source: some preliminary findings” (297 KB)

Wilkinson, David. pdf “Narrative form and interactivity in the modern videogame” (304 KB)

Williams, Jocelyn, Ravi Bhat, Geoff Bridgman, Sara Donaghey, Malama Saifoloi, Marcus Williams and Paul Woodruffe. pdf “Linking the spaces between: An interdisciplinary media content production project for community engagement” (300 KB)

Wong, Shiau Ching. pdf “Generating a voice among media monsters: the case study of the anti-media monopoly movement in Taiwan” (534 KB)

Woodrow, Nina. pdf “Working on the edge: exploring the creative tensions experienced by practitioners facilitating participatory media projects with refugees and asylum seekers in Australia” (433 KB)

Zhu, Runping (Serene). pdf “Media use by foreign students in Chinese universities in the process of cultural adaptation” (503 KB)

ANZCA Conference Proceedings 2015

Index of principal authors

ISSN: 1448-4331

Editors: Dr David Paterno, Dr Michael Bourk and Dr Donald Matheson

Refereeing Statement: All articles published in these proceedings have been double-blind peer reviewed by a minimum of two referees.

Copyright statement: This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Australian License. To view a copy of this license, visit Creative Commons or send them a letter: Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94115, USA.

Citing articles from this conference: Citation style depends upon the referencing system used. Here is an example in ANZCA (MIA) style: Last Name/s, Initial/s., 2015, “Title of article”, in D. Paterno, M. Bourk and D. Matheson (Eds), Refereed proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association conference: Rethinking communication, space and identity, ISSN 1448-4331, available at:

Publication authors and titles

ali Alshaikh, Ala'a Bakur. pdf The adoption of communication strategies to comply contemporary definition of nationalism via employment policy in Saudi Arabia (126 KB)

Al-Saggaf, Yeslam,  and Chutikulrungsee, Tharntip Tawnie. pdf Twitter usage in Australia and Saudi Arabia and influence of culture: A cross-country comparison (415 KB)

Ashwell, Douglas. pdf A teething problem: An examination of how the 2013 Waikato fluoridation debate was reported by the Waikato Times (422 KB)

Balnaves, Mark, Melanie James and Janet Fulton. pdf Situational theory of the digital persona: Public relations for non-human internet agents (454 KB)

Bannister, Matthew. pdf Love and second sight: Bergson and romantic comedy (404 KB)

Bello, Semiu. pdf Dissemination of health information by Nigerian newspapers: A correlation analysis on the health behaviours of newspaper readers in Nigeria (503 KB)

Cao, Xiaojie. pdf Politicizing images: Censorship and iconic resistance in Chinese cyberspace (504 KB)

Criticos, Harry. pdf Local and localism: The broadcasting dialectic (428 KB)

Davis, Mark. pdf Dumpster diving with the professors: e-books, technological disruption, and the persistence of print media (398 KB)

Dey, Subrata. pdf Remediation of novels in the digital era: Beyond the “book metaphor” (400 KB)

Donkin, Ashley, Holloway, Donell, and Green, Lelia. pdf Towards an online ethnography of children's virtual worlds: A review of current literature and research methods (409 KB)

Elund, Jude, Lelia Green, and Carmen Guinery. pdf Using collaborative review to deepen conceptual engagement? (148 KB)

Fulton, Janet. pdf New media entrepreneurship: Building credibility online (129 KB)

Green, Lelia, Cat Hope, Kylie Stevenson, and Tos Mahoney. pdf Archiving the new, now, for future users yet unknown (148 KB)

Greensmith, Glynn and Lelia Green. pdf Rethinking the reporting of the mass random shooting – or is it an autogenic massacre? (133 KB)

Gultom, Dwie Irmawaty. pdf Rethinking disaster communication: Community radio as an act of participatory disaster communication (404 KB)

Hess, Kristy and Waller, Lisa. pdf Open justice or social injustice? News reporting of non-convictions in digital space (389 KB)

Hickmott, Becky and Mills, Colleen. pdf Interagency communication: A review of interagency emergency response teams (IERTs) and their communication when responding to vulnerable people (207 KB)

Holloway, Donell, Holloway, David and Green. Lelia. pdf Geo-based technologies, tourists and bushfires in northern Australia (406 KB)

Johnson, Rosser and Bieldt, Nemane. pdf Promoting a promotional culture: a case study of the Junior Franklin County News (536 KB)

Holloway, Donell. pdf Children and young people’s emotional literacy in a networked world (370 KB)

Kremmer, Christopher. pdf The Gatekeepers’ Legacy: Professionalism, ethics and expertise in the Age of Citizen Journalism (417 KB)

Jiajie Lu. pdf Theorising the impacts of digitally mediated social interaction on diasporic identity formation: A case of Chinese diaspora in Australia (389 KB)

McIntyre, Joanna. pdf Mass Communication, Minority Representation, and National Identity (424 KB)

McIntyre, Phillip. pdf Creative Industries and Identity: From Older Conceptions to New Models of Creativity (403 KB)

Mills, Colleen. pdf Exploring the entanglement of discourse, geosocial environment and work identity during an organizational change (251 KB)

Nairn, Angelique, Nelson, Frances and Johnson, Rosser. pdf Power and persuasion: Constructing identity in religious communication (427 KB)

Nguyen, Li and McCallum, Kerry. pdf Critical Metaphor Analysis from a communication perspective: A case study of Australian news media discourse on Immigration and asylum seekers (140 KB)

Oni, Duro. pdf Film and Video Censors Regulation in Nigeria and its Implications for Internationalisation: Interrogating Adichie/Bandele’s Half of a Yellow Sun (513 KB)

Order, Simon and O’Mahony, Lauren.  pdf Active Aging in Community Radio (531 KB)

Paterno, David. pdf A New Direction for Communication Theory: Medium as Instantiated in Communication (403 KB)

Pearson, David, Mirosa, Miranda, Andrews, Lynda and Kerr, Gayle. pdf Communication for environmental sustainability: Opportunities to improve communications for encouraging individuals to reduce food wastage (403 KB)

Richardson, Nicholas. pdf Political Upheaval in Australia: Media, Foucault and Shocking Policy (421 KB)

Sharman, Nick. pdf Representation of humour: Abbie Hoffman, the New York Times and the Chicago conspiracy trial (413 KB)

Stevenson, Kylie, Green, Lelia and Haddon, Leslie. pdf Learning “as it goes down the line”: Siblings and family networks in the acquisition of online skills (407 KB)

Todhunter, Stewart  and Penny de Byl. pdf A sense of physical books in our digital society (191 KB)

Uwalaka, Temple. pdf Nairaland and the Reconstruction of the Public Sphere in Nigeria (456 KB)

Watkins, Jerry, Pegoraro, Ann, and Scott, Olan K. pdf “My feckin heart!!”: Differences in cross-platform sports fan conversation (401 KB)

Zhao, Elaine Jing. pdf Refashioning viewing experience with mobile media: A comparison of two trajectories in China (399 KB)

ANZCA Conference Proceedings 2013

Index of principal authors

ISSN 1448-4331

Editors: Associate Professor Terence Lee, Dr Kathryn Trees, Ms Renae Desai.

Refereeing statement: All articles published in these proceedings have been double-blind peer reviewed by a minimum of two referees.

Copyright statement: This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Australian License. To view a copy of this license, visit Creative Commons or send them a letter: Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94115, USA.

Citing articles from this conference: Citation style depends upon the referencing system used. Here is an example in ANZCA (MIA) style: Last Name/s, Initial/s., 2013, “Title of article”, in T. Lee, K. Trees and R.Desai (Eds), Refereed Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association conference:  Global Networks-Global Divides: Bridging New and Traditional Communication Challenges, ISSN 1448-4331, available at: in progress.

List of papers

Doug Ashwell and Margie Comrie. Science information in the digital world: The Internet versus the mass media. default  ANZCA 2013 Ashwell and Comrie (219.78 kB)

Kim Barbour. Hiding in Plain Sight: Street artists online. default  ANZCA 2013 Barbour (411.68 kB)

Bill, Birnbauer, Andrew Dodd and Matthew Ricketson. We have the means, but what’s the model? A better way for universities and industry to produce investigative journalism. default  ANZCA 2013 Birnbauer Dodd and Ricketson (192.6 kB)

Diana Bossio. Challenging power and creating opportunities: A comparative analysis of how Al Jazeera English reported The Arab Spring. default  ANZCA 2013 Bossio (186.55 kB)

Danielle Brady and Naomi Webb. Communicating bushfire safety: The challenge of community participation for government. default  ANZCA 2013 Brady and Webb (180.99 kB)

Stephanie Brookes and David Nolan. The Boss, Dirty Harry and U.S. Citizenship: Celebrities in election campaign communication and coverage. default  ANZCA 2013 Brookes and Nolan (1.97 MB)

YIngchi Chu. Chinese Self-Hybridization: Cross-cultural competence in the global media. default  ANZCA 2013 Chu (186.27 kB)

Margie Comrie. 'Local Heroes': Can smaller papers make a difference to coverage in a national election? default  ANZCA 2013 Comrie (221.66 kB)

Leesa Costello, Julie Dare, Lelia Green and Vanessa Bradshaw. Sustaining online communities in the charitable health sector: how to keep a good thing going. default  ANZCA 2013 Costello Dare Green and Bradshaw (193.06 kB)

Trevor Cullen. Online health information: Shortcomings and challenges. default  ANZCA 2013 Cullen (165.13 kB)

Julie Dare, Leesa Costello and Lelia Green. Nutritional narratives: Cultural and communications perspectives on plant-based diets. default  ANZCA 2013 Dare Costello and Green (246.85 kB)

Mark Davis. Books in the Indigenous Public Sphere: Changing patterns in the publication of Indigenous non-fiction in Australia 1960–2000. default  ANZCA 2013 Davis (3.29 MB)

Sharon Delmege and Lauren O'Mahony. Cultivating Creative Capacity in Communication Studies. default  ANZCA 2013 Delmege and OMahony (189.61 kB)

Chris Dent. “I Made This!” – Interests and Motivators of Creative Individuals as Modes of Self-Regulation. default  ANZCA 2013 Dent (148.85 kB)

Cate Dowd. Journalism and Social Media as changing domain(s): Understanding behaviors and role-based emotions. default  ANZCA 2013 Dowd (661.12 kB)

Michelle Dunne Breen and Kerry McCallum. In crisis, on crisis: technology-driven industrial change and the Northern Territory Emergency Response 2007. default  ANZCA 2013 Dunne Breen and McCallum (261.02 kB)

Jude Elund and Panizza Allmark. Virtual Travel and the Pleasure Peripheries – case study of Second Life. default  ANZCA 2013 ELund and Allmark (9.76 MB)

Robbie Fordyce. Discourses of networked power: comparing Castells and Negri on global networks of power. default  ANZCA 2013 Fordyce (197.38 kB)

Julie Freeman. E-Government and Monitory Democracy: Iceland's crowdsourced constitution. default  ANZCA 2013 Freeman (195.92 kB)

Janet Fulton. The Evolution of Journalism. default  ANZCA 2013 Fulton (459.22 kB)

Janet Fulton and Mark Balnaves. Australia and Changes in Western media. default  ANZCA 2013 Fulton and Balnaves (659.66 kB)

Jennifer L. Gibbs, Yana V. Grushina, Cristina B. Gibson, Patrick D. Dunlop and John Cordery. Language, Culture, Status, and Identity: Understanding factors that encourage or limit global team participation. default  ANZCA 2013 Gibbs Grushina Gibson Dunlop and Cordery (179.4 kB) default  ANZCA 2013 Gibbs Grushina Gibson Dunlop and Cordery appendix (94.98 kB)

Elizabeth Gray and Kane Hopkins. “Who’s going to read this anyway?” Non-profits, electronic newsletters, and the elusive reader. default  ANZCA 2013 Gray and Hopkins (259.93 kB)

Lelia Green, Donell Holloway and David Holloway. Towards a natural history of internet use? Working to overcome the implications for research of the child-adult divide. default  ANZCA 2013 Green Holloway and Holloway (171.45 kB)

Gil-Soo Han. Korean nationalism riding the Korean Wave: celebrities and acting blackface in the Korean media. default  ANZCA 2013 Han (192.69 kB)

Ann Hardy, Carolyn Michelle, Charles H. Davis and Craig Hight. Shire Politics: Local factors in the International prefiguration of Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit'. default  ANZCA 2013 Hardy Michelle Davis and Hight (223.76 kB)

Luke Heemsbergen. The Limits of Radical Networked Democratic Transparency: From WikiLeaks to OurSay. default  ANZCA 2013 Heemsbergen (185.09 kB)

Donell Holloway, Lelia Green and Danielle Brady. 0-8: Young children’s Internet use. default  ANZCA 2013 Holloway Green and Brady (800 kB)

Donell Holloway, Lelia Green and David Holloway. “Your neighbours are your friends”: an investigation into microgeographical exchanges in the remote northwest of Australia between 1987-2012. default  ANZCA 2013 Holloway Green and Holloway (173.66 kB)

Cat Hope, Lelia Green and Tos Mahoney. The Western Australia New Music Archive: Finding, accessing, remembering and performing a community of practice. default  ANZCA 2013 Hope Green and Mahoney (196.6 kB)

Kane Hopkins, Danae Gardner and Elizabeth Gray. Managing organisation-public relationships in the social sphere: public relations vs. customer service. default  ANZCA 2013 Hopkins Gardner and Gray (1.58 MB)

Sal Humphreys, Dianne Rodger and Margarita Flabouris. The Medium and the Message in Health Communication. Control in new media environments. default  ANZCA 2013 Humphreys Rodger and Flabouris (186.73 kB)

Jonathon Hutchinson. Communication Models of Institutional Online Communities: the role of the ABC cultural intermediary. default  ANZCA 2013 Hutchinson (694.44 kB)

Matthew Loads. Transmedia Television Drama: Proliferation and promotion of extended stories online. default  ANZCA 2013 Loads (195.03 kB)

David Maguire. Media’s Enduring Role in Times of Chaos. default  ANZCA 2013 Maguire (288.98 kB)

Caitlin McGregor. Reporting Islam in Australian Newspapers: the case of the proposed Elermore Vale mosque. default  ANZCA 2013 McGregor (222.15 kB)

Philip McIntyre. Creativity and Creative Industries: From romanticism to idiosyncratic agency, social networks and knowledge systems.. default  ANZCA 2013 McIntyre (237.59 kB)

Margaret R. Miller, Lydia A. Hearn, Anna Fletcher and Lelia Green. Ngala Healthy You, Healthy Baby: A personalised online program to support healthy weight in pregnancy and early life. default  ANZCA 2013 Miller Hearn Fletcher and Green (250.62 kB)

Denise Mohan. Fashion Blogging: A metamodern practice. default  ANZCA 2013 Mohan (223.41 kB)

Leo Murray. With my own ears: the ethics of sound in non-fiction film and TV. default  ANZCA 2013 Murray (199.36 kB)

Simon Order. Community Radio in Western Australia: Notions of value. default  ANZCA 2013 Order (453.13 kB)

Augustine Pang. Social media hype in times of crises: How can organizations respond? default  ANZCA 2013 Pang (1.93 MB)

Elizabeth Paton. A Writer’s Education: Learning and mastering the domain of Australian fiction writing. default  ANZCA 2013 Paton (199.62 kB)

Stuart Richards. Frameline's Digital Activism. default  ANZCA 2013 Richards (164.23 kB)

Murray Riches, Organising for Social Change: Navigating the tension between counter-discourses and hegemonic structures. default  ANZCA 2013 Riches (213.33 kB)

Scott Rickard and Tatiana Anisimova. Promoting digital literacy through magazines. default  ANZCA 2013 Rickard and Anisimova (169.6 kB)

Prue Robson. Time to bridge the gaps: issues with current social media research in public relations. default  ANZCA 2013 Robson (152.02 kB)

John Ryan. FloraCultures: Conserving Perth’s botanical heritage through a digital repository. default  ANZCA 2013 Ryan (1.64 MB)

Stephen Stockwell. Australian Political Advertising Design: the use and effectiveness of new digital and social media in the construction of electoral campaigns. default  ANZCA 2013 Stockwell (1.07 MB)

Maryam Tehrani. Re-contextualizing Organizational Communication: A material perspective toward communication. default  ANZCA 2013 Tehrani (234.1 kB)

Edwina Throsby. Engaging the disengaged: Swinging voters, political participation and media in Australia. default  ANZCA 2013 Throsby (200.77 kB)

Xuena Tong. Research on Industrial Value Chain of Digital Music. default  ANZCA 2013 Tong (391.19 kB)

Larissa Walker. Technological challenges facing Australian film classification: Regulating interactivity and the impact of new media. default  ANZCA 2013 Walker (187.83 kB)

David Waller, Gayle F. Kerr, Kathleen Mortimer and Sonia Jane Dickinson. A model of advertising regulation in the digital world. default  ANZCA 2013 Waller Kerr Mortimer and Dickinson (539.42 kB)

Sarah Wan, Wayne Tan, Regina Koh, Andrew Ong, Ronda Lim and Augustine Pang. Parody Social Media Accounts: Influence and impact on organisations during crisis. default  ANZCA 2013 Wan Tan Koh Ong Lim and Pang (1.9 MB)

Ying Wang. From Virtue Ethics to Virtuous Corporation: Putting virtues into business practice. default  ANZCA 2013 Wang (178.36 kB)

Ying Wang and Alison Henderson. “Buy Kiwi Made”: The construction of a “Green” political Identity. default  ANZCA 2013 Wang and Henderson (168.55 kB)

Alvin Webster and Niranjala Weerakkody. Product placement strategies and practices in contemporary blockbuster action films: An exploratory content analysis. default  ANZCA 2013 Webster and Weerakkody (358.84 kB)

Dashi Zhang. Communication Strategies of the Chinese Dairy Industry Manufacturers to Rebuild Reputation and Maintain a Quality Relationship. default  ANZCA 2013 Zhang (256.41 kB)